A Show for the Books: What You Need for a Successful Event


ConferenceAn event is memorable when it stays in the minds of those who attended. They might talk about it for a week or even a year as another iteration of the event rolls in. It doesn’t take much for an event to be memorable–you just need to get certain aspects right.

Choosing the Participants

A show will not be a show without the participants. Imagine a home and garden show without homes and gardens to showcase. To make the event worth attending, you need participants that are worth a second glance. Scout the best houses in the neighborhood, or even feature entire streets. You can also have the community send in their suggestions so from the get-go you know that they’ll want to see everyone in the lineup.

Choosing the Venue

Sure, you don’t have to uproot houses if you’re having a house parade in Utah, but for other events, the venue matters. For instance, if you have a plant exhibit, you’ll need open ground and plenty of space for different kinds of plants to be showcased. If you’re planning a Christmas bazaar, you also want plenty of space for stalls and the foot traffic it will attract. On top of those things, you want to get the permit for the venue on the day you’ll need it.

Choosing the Judges

A show will not be a show without something to look forward to. If you’re featuring a competition, you’ll want qualified judges to make the final call. These judges don’t need to be degree holders, of course. Some of them may be prominent in the neighborhood, such as the mayor, or an authority on the matter that will need judging. You can get a healthy mix, and you can also involve the crowd through a voting process integrated into the judging criteria.

No event planner wants a show that’s just “alright.” Make it memorable by paying attention to the important details.