AdWord Rollout that You Should Celebrate

Google AdwordsGoogle had a recent rollout for advertisers that are gaining from its AdWords platform. The changes are targeted to make URL tracking faster and easier, and the overall management simpler.

The Change in AdWords

Search engine giant, Google released “upgraded URLs” for AdWords advertisers that use tracking parameters. An upgraded Uniform Resource Locator (URL), also known as a web address, have been in beta for API users for some time now, but only recently started roll outs on the web interface.

Destination URL used to be regularly updated every tracking period. Every time the entire destination URL is re-reviewed, ads stops and potential customers are lost. Now with the rollout, this will change and include separation for the landing page URL and the tracking parameters of the destination URL. This means that changing your tracking won’t send your ads back into editorial review that really eats a big chunk of advertising exposure. The ad history and stats will also remain with the ads.

What’s In It for You

If you are a business owner in Colorado using auto-tagging in Google AdWords, the change won’t affect your accounts and neither will destination URLs. This means you can manage the tracking parameter fields easily and save you the highest commodity in marketing, which is time.

The update will be a great help in improving the AdWords strategy for your Denver company. Managing URL updates, checking website crawl and page loading times will be reduced. The ValueTrack parameters also offer insights and information about your ads.

Simply said, upgraded URLs allows you to enter the landing portion of your site and your tracking information in separate fields. This gives you the option to update your accounts, ad group or campaigns without needing to set your ad stats.

AdWords has been a help to many advertisers giving opportunities for extended online presence. With proper understanding of Google and its tools, web marketing will surely get a boost this year.

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