After a Hospital Discharge: Helping an Elderly Loved One

elderly sitting in a wheel chair in the hospitalWhether an elderly loved one stayed in a hospital for a surgery or illness, it is only important to prioritize care and recovery assistance after a discharge. This is to prevent hospital readmission and help your loved one get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. This means learning more about their illness and treatment and being aware of their specific care requirements.

Constant Care and Monitoring

Sometimes, older adults who stayed in the hospital may spend some time at a rehabilitation facility before actually returning home. But whether this true for your loved one, you need to make an extra effort to make sure that they will have a safe return. Constant care and monitoring are needed, especially if they need therapy or if they return home with new medications or special diet requirements.

Help with Household Tasks

Lafayette senior home health care service providers note that if an elderly loved one go back to their normal routines too quickly, their healing or recovery could be compromised. Keep in mind that they still need assistance with basic household chores and tasks until they are fully recovered and gained enough strength and stamina.

Here are some daily tasks that a senior loved one might need help:

  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Medication management
  • Housekeeping tasks and laundry
  • Assistance with a physician-recommended workout or exercise program
  • Driving assistance or accompaniment to doctor’s appointments

Providing Care and Assistance

You or another family member can provide assistance with these daily activities. If you or your loved one’s schedule is hectic, it is best to hire an experienced home health care aide or a licensed caregiver. This is beneficial not only in making sure that the discharge or doctor’s instructions are followed, but also in improving your loved one’s quality of life.

Make sure that your loved one receives the care they need after a hospital or a rehab facility stay. This is to speed up their recovery and reduce the chance or complications. Contact a home health care service provider today and get help from an experienced caregiver.