Applying Epoxy Coating to Your Garage Floor: A Step-by-step Guide

garage epoxy floor coating

garage epoxy floor coatingOne of the most important parts of your home is your garage; apart from your attic (if you have one), your garage is the biggest storage space you have in your house, protecting not just your vehicles but also your stockpiled possessions. What better way to protect it, then, than to install an epoxy floor coating?

In addition to adding aesthetic value to an otherwise dull garage, coatings also give your garage floor a greater resistance against water and oil stains while making it much easier to clean. This type of coating is versatile as well; you may add components to it to improve its resistance to the elements.

The effectiveness of your coating depends on how well you applied it on your garage floor. Below, shares the basic steps to make sure you get the most value out of your investment.

  1. Clear all objects from the area and clean your floor thoroughly. Make sure that any major damage to your floor is repaired before proceeding with applying the coating on your concrete floor.
  2. With a scrub brush, some rags and a heavy-duty degreaser, remove all oil and gas stains from the floor; afterwards, rinse away the remaining solution and dirt with some water.
  3. Next, apply concrete acid etch to make the concrete more porous.
  4. Rinse your floor a final time using a pressure washer or hose and water.
  5. When the floor has dried, mix the two part epoxy according to the technical data sheets, and apply the resulting mixture to your floor immediately, beginning with the trim areas and moving on to the rest of the floor using a paint roller or roller extender.
  6. Apply another coat in 1m2 patches, and toss paint chips onto the epoxy after it’s applied on the floor (not when you’re mixing the epoxy in the can) to improve its resistance against foreign elements.
  7. Once the epoxy has fully cured, apply a topcoat of clear protective urethane. Several coats for durability can be applied

Expect your epoxy floor to completely dry within a few hours before you walk on it.

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