Basic Computer Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Man and his disassembled CPU

Man and his disassembled CPUBoth desktop computers and laptops are much easier to replace today than in 2019. But replacing can still be expensive. Although specialists from companies like Mobile Computer Repair make it easier to fix it, it is still essential to understand how to maintain your own computer. So, here are a few basic maintenance tips that you can follow.

Keep the mouse, keyboard and entryways clean

Bear in mind that dirt can affect both your mouse and your keyboard’s performance. Aside from that, replacing a keyboard roughly costs $20, too. To clean your keyboard, use a lint-free cloth. Make sure that it is damp, so dirt can stick well to it. Do not use a spray on the keyboard because it might damage the wires. Use the same method to clean your mouse as well. Meanwhile, you can use a compressed air canister to clean hard-to-reach places.

Wipe your monitor

Although your monitor may seem sturdy enough, it is still vulnerable to dust and debris. So, clean it using a microfiber cloth. Same as your keyboard, do not spray it with water to prevent any further damage. You can use an LCD screen cleaner instead.

Install operating system updates

One of the best ways to ensure that your computer performs at its best is to maintain the latest security updates. Keeping your operating systems up-to-date ensures that your computers have the latest security.

Clear your internet browsers

Another way to maintain your computer is by clearing the cache as well as the cookies from your internet browser. It is recommended that you do it every two weeks to fix error messages related to cookies as well as freezing web pages.

Maintain your existing anti-virus software

Another crucial step in maintaining your computer is keeping your anti-virus software updated. Your anti-virus scans your computer to ensure that it is well protected against viruses. It is recommended to update your software application and scan your computer at least once each week. Doing so will ensure that all the information stored in it is safe.

Maintain your existing malware protection software

Employees using computersAside from your anti-virus software, it’s also vital to keep your malware protection software updated. It is best to scan your computer for malware at least once each week to ensure that it is free from any issues. Malware is a malicious program that includes computer worms, viruses, spyware and Trojan horses.

Perform windows cleanup

Doing windows cleanup twice a month can reduce the unnecessary files on your drives. Deleting temporary files and system files can help your PC run faster.

Maintaining your computer is a must to ensure that it will last longer. Bear in mind that a well-maintained device has fewer chances of replacement or disruptive transition. But if you notice any suspicious activities on your computer, it is best to get in touch with computer repair experts for help. You can ask your friends for any recommendations or check the nearby repair services. There are also several repair services that you can find on the internet as well.