Bath Towels: 4 Things to Look For

Buying Rags in Idaho FallsBath towels seem to be a minor stuff, but in reality they are more used compared to other things at home. That is why it is important to get the best quality towels. But how do you choose?

Always check for these qualities.

Good Absorbency

Its main purpose is to dry your body. Wipe cloths in general are mainly used for absorbing wetness. You need to buy towels that have very good absorbing qualities. If not, you will still be soaking wet long after you started wiping.

You cannot simply pour water on every towel in the store. However, you can research about the fibers. This way you only have to ask the personnel what kind of fibers are present in the towel.


Like the principle in buying rags in Idaho Falls, do not settle for low quality towels. You can distinguish a good one from the bad by feeling the material. The first thing that you will notice about easily ruined wipe cloths is the tendency of the fibers to fall off when first used.

It is also reasonable to check the brand and its reviews. This way you can have a glimpse on how well it is.

Bleeding Possibilities

This can be a very big hassle for dark colored towels. Do not mix this kind of towel with soft colored laundry. You can check this after the first wash. As much as possible, avoid towels that bleed their color off.


They’re just bath towels but they say a lot about you. Find a design that is practical as well as lovely. Be careful of bleeding and accessories that are very inconvenient.

Keep a good stack of wisely made towels. They will always be of use. You never know if you get extra guests over the weekends.