Beginner’s Guide to Alexa Ranking: Effective Ways to Increase Your Ranking

RankingThe job of is to rank sites according to the web traffic they receive. This does not apply to all web traffic sources, however, but those coming from users who have likewise installed the Alexa toolbar on their browsers. This means that if your site is receiving traffic from users with Alexa toolbars, you improve your ranking in Alexa. How should you begin?

  • Claim your website on Alexa – Make a free account and then submit your website.
  • Install the Alexa toolbar – This toolbar is compatible with different browsers. Traffic from Alexa toolbar users will help increase your rank.
  • Put the Alexa widget on your site – Visitorz and other digital marketers offering Alexa booster packages say that this will aid the servers of Alexa to monitor traffic for your site more effectively.
  • Create shareable and linkable content – Your content should be valuable to your target audience so that you get more web traffic and consequently, backlinks. Your readers will gladly share your posts across different social media sites and help boost your Alexa rank. You should likewise keep your site updated to increase the amount of return visits.
  • Leverage your social network – You are probably connected with similar sites and their webmasters on social media. Consider making a deal with them wherein you share their posts and you share theirs as well. This is a win-win for everyone.
  • Add fun images and videos to your posts – Your posts will be more effective and easier to understand if you include relevant images and videos. Likewise, people love watching videos and sharing them. This will result in greater exposure for your site, hence, a higher Alexa ranking.

Note that you will not feel the effects of these suggestions yet, so be patient. In the meantime, focus on delivering quality and unique content to your audience, as well as getting your brand known. These, along with the abovementioned guide will aid giving your Alexa ranking a significant boost.