Best-Performing Digital Marketing Platforms for Non-Profits

Team brainstorming for digital marketing strategy

Team brainstorming for a digital marketing strategyRunning a nonprofit in today’s world requires tact. One of the biggest challenges most nonprofits face is a lack of cash to handle their marketing. Luckily, there is now an inexpensive advertising solution in digital marketing for you.

Digital marketing does not, however, mean just having a website though this is important. Recent statistics have indicated that people are more likely to visit your non-profit’s website if they can find it through their search query or digital media platforms.

You can hire Mountain Home’s top digital marketing experts skilled in SEO services and social media marketing to help you tap into this online traffic. The right content, good user experience, and optimally performing keywords are the building blocks which your SEO expert will recommend focusing on.

Getting the right online media platform to post your content on and direct traffic to your site is also vital. Here are the best-performing digital media marketing platforms for nonprofits nowadays.


Pay-Per-Click marketing, commonly known as Google AdWords, is one of the least used best-performing platforms for nonprofit digital marketing yet. Its minimal use among nonprofits generally arises from the need to pay for it.

There are however online donations running into billions of dollars annually for nonprofit PPC ads. Other than the grants, you stand to reap huge returns from PPC advertising with the right keywords and bids since your ad will be placed in front of your target market.


Facebook being used on mobileThis is primarily designed for community building. People who like your cause are bound to join your page and discuss relevant and exciting issues while bringing awareness to your cause.

To engage your clients and spark conversations, include small snippets and short juicy versions of the content on your website. This content should, of course, include a backlink to your website so that more people visit the site to get the full version of your content.


This is an excellent platform for diffusion. Each time you host an event, have relevant news or write a new article, tweet about it. The tweets give instant exposure to the content on your website and your cause.

Remember that the success of a tweet primarily depends on the hashtag you use. Thankfully, with an expert’s help, you will significantly boost your chances of picking the right hashtag for your tweets.


Most nonprofits would consider Instagram a preserve of teenagers who might contribute little to their organization’s efforts. Instagram is however used by clients across all ages nowadays, although the youth might still comprise a large percentage.

You can tap into the youth’s potential by encouraging them to volunteer their time and effort for different events rather than contribute cash. You can also upload images of your activities and the people you support in a compelling, and shareable way. Tagging your organization’s donors and contributors will also spur more people into similar action.

Just because digital marketing is inexpensive does not mean it can be carelessly handled. Mistakes on any of the above marketing platforms have a significant impact on your company’s image. Hiring a digital marketing expert will avert any errors and is luckily inexpensive.