Better and Brighter: Front Door Options for the Home

home front door

home front doorWhen you visit a house, the first things you would see are the front porch and, of course, the door. So, your front door is what would create a first impression with your guests.

Front doors, however, are not just about adding to the aesthetic beauty of the house; they are also a way of providing protection and warmth to the dwellers. That is why it is equally important to consider the materials to be used. With these considerations in mind, one can aptly choose a material among the many options available. Below are some of them:

1. Hardwood Door

Aesthetically, hardwoods can have a range of design, especially when handled by a skilled craftsman. You can even come up with your own design when it comes to the accent or pattern. Most people prefer hardwood doors because of their solidity and weight; they also appear more secure and warm.

2. Steel Door

Steel door tends to be stronger than wood or glass doors. This makes it a good choice for those who prefer security. But, steel doors can be quite costly.

3. Fibreglass Door

For houses in humid places, fiberglass doors are most fitting. This kind of doors can adapt to the texture of cherry or walnut wood, so you can still remain in style. Fibreglass doors are also waterproof and soundproof. They are also good insulators.

4. Aluminum Door

Aluminum doors are light, durable and affordable. But, they are poor insulators and conduct heat easily. Often, aluminum doors are used in the garage or for security doors within the house.

There are also front doors that are made of a combination of two materials, such as a hardwood door with glass or steel on the side. The more you know about each type of material, the better the choice will be.

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