Beyond Expertise: The Value of Having Specialist Teachers in an Institution

Specialist Teacher DubaiSpecialist teachers mainly teach in the early stages.

They are experts that you can see on the primary and secondary levels.

According to, specialist teachers are the ones you often see doing the career advising, counselling and bookkeeping. In any given institution, they are important pillars of education that more or less possess a broader range of knowledge.

Know the different types of specialist teachers and why they are vital to any school.

Special Ed Classes

Not all teachers have the patience to stay calm under pressure. And if you ever happen to see how kindergartens act in class, you know that it is impossible to teach them anything. This is where specialist teachers come in. Aside from having an above average aptitude, they have additional training in giving special learning programs for students who cannot focus.

Target area: Special Ed teachers attend to children with problems in learning.


If you think that school counsellors only apply to students, then you are wrong. Depending on the problem of the child, school counsellors can also counsel parents and guardians. This enables them to completely turn around the bad situation of students faster.

Target area: child’s behaviour, family relationship and wellbeing.

Career Advisers

This type of specialist can also be the homeroom teacher of the class. But, there are also instances where schools do not follow this. A career adviser helps a child create resumes, research jobs and find further studies.

Target area: mainly graduating students and those looking for student jobs.


A librarian keeps the school’s information centre organised. They sort books and other important documents to build an effective knowledge system. This helps students to research more effectively using the school’s resources.

Specialist teachers are the backbone of the school. They are there to provide support and add value to the growth and education of every student.