Big Moves to Help Your Business Stay Efficient

Business owner posing with his employees

Business owner posing with his employeesHave you heard about NASA’s $125-million mistake? In 1999, NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter after years of work and millions of funds into research and construction. It was supposed to be a big day, but all of a sudden, the satellite disintegrated as it was approaching the Red Planet.

What’s worse is that this disaster was caused by a simple unit conversion mishap where they failed to make sure that their units were consistently metric or imperial.

This is a prime example of how inefficient work process documentation can cost your business. No matter how small or big your company is, for you to get the results you want, efficient work processes are essential.

You can help your business stay efficient by taking advantage of knowledge management and pieces of technology.

Get your hands dirty with knowledge management

Knowledge management, as the name implies, is the way you manage both the tacit and implicit knowledge in your business. Tacit knowledge is an employee’s implicit knowledge. For example, only your top recruitment specialist knows how to screen employees based on their nonverbal languages. It’s an inherent knowledge that’s vital to your talent acquisition success. Explicit knowledge, on the other hand, is something that can be seen, such as a marketing guideline document or a list of the company goal.

The key to helping your business stay efficient is to document the implicit knowledge of your employees so that even when a key person calls in sick for a week, the business will still run. It’s because the employee’s work processes are properly documented. As for the explicit knowledge, you have to make sure that it’s accessible to everyone that needs it and that it’s clear, concise, and accurate.

Another part of knowledge management is encouraging knowledge generation and sharing. You have to find ways to help your employees to collaborate, brainstorm for new ideas, come up with innovative solutions, and offer feedback. You can do this by holding regular meetings or workshops, opening a public forum site, or by merely having a suggestion board or box.

Use technology to your advantage

Business owner using computer analytics softwareNext is using pieces of technology to expedite some of your work processes.

For example, one of the most challenging aspects of a business is customer management. If you don’t find a way to simplify this process, it can eat a lot of time just by manually inputting customer details and manually looking for their details when you need it. In this case, a customer management software will come in handy.

A customer management program will let you update your customer database, pull up their information, keep track of all the interactions they had with your business, and so on. Not only will this tell you who your loyal customers are, but it will also give crucial data for your business such as lead to customer conversion rate, customer retention rate, purchasing behaviors, and more.

Managing and documenting your work processes is crucial to stay on top of your game. Once you have these recorded, you can then move on to automating it using software or mobile apps. There are more options to stay efficient today than ever before. The key is in finding the best ways for your business.