Black Hat SEO: Why Is It Bad for Business?

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If you want your business website to be able to target as many customers as possible, you have to utilise techniques in search engine optimisation (SEO). This will help your site be more visible and rank higher on search engine results.

SEO, however, takes some time before you get the results that you want. This encourages some business owners and marketers to resort to other practices to force their website to increase in ranking. These practices are frowned upon by most SEO providers in Perth or elsewhere because they dirty tactics to make a site more popular. This is known as black hat SEO.

What Is It?

Black hat SEO involves the use of tricks that help increase a site’s ranking on search engines but don’t raise the value of the website itself. There are various ways to raise the ranking of a site through this illegal practice.

What Are the Techniques?

  • Keyword StuffingYou put as many keywords into the site so that search engines will pick up on them when someone types in the keyword.
  • Content Automation – This is a tool used for creating content for a website without adding anything new. It’s sort of like rehashing what you’ve written already in your site by rearranging the structure of the content. So, it looks like you’re adding new content, but in truth, you’re not.
  • Hidden Texts or Links – It’s when you hide links and texts under banners or images to stuff the site with keywords.
  • Sneaky Redirects – When visitors click on something, instead of being led to the page they are looking for, they are led somewhere else, which is your website.
  • Article Spinning – Here, a tool is used to produce several articles on only one topic. The articles don’t provide any new, useful, or valuable information, which is why search engines deem this as a black hat practice.
  • Duplicate Content – It’s a no-no, as well, to post duplicate content in subdomains or other domains.
  • Link Farms, Link Networks, or Link Wheels – These involve the use of links to connect a website to another website in order to increase the popularity of those two sites.
  • Cloaking – Here, you show different content to your site’s visitors than what you show to the Google bot. This is used to increase the ranking of a website because the cloaking strategy provides those search engine bots fabricated content filled with keywords. Users, on the other hand, don’t get anything of value from the page they’re searching for.

Why Shouldn’t You Use It?

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Google and other search engines are very strict when it comes to banning illegal SEO practices, and any black hat strategy is considered illegal. If your website is using any of the tricks mentioned above, Google will figure it out eventually and ban you from the search engine.

Unfortunately, when you get banned from Google, that will cascade to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu, and even DuckDuckGo.

So, don’t risk it and avoid using any black hat SEO practice. There are many legal strategies you can use that are even more effective in improving your rank in search engines.