Boost Foot Traffic in Your Event With These Ideas

mobile zone

mobile zoneThe presence of your target audience determines the outcome of your event. After all, there’s no value or sense of putting up an event without their participation. Coming up with ways to attract audiences is necessary to make your event successful.

SmartCrowdz pointed out that event marketing tools attract and engage event attendees and participants. Here are some of those ways to boost foot traffic in your event:

Social media

Most people use their social networking accounts instead of traditional media to gather information. Use this social media trend to your advantage. Post announcements of your events everyday. Let your friends share your posts to their acquaintances to increase your potential audience.


A website is a good way to attract more audiences for your event. It can act as a forum for those who are curious about the event. Your site visitors might become your audience as a result. It may also double as an online registration to make it easier to join and pay for your event.

Mobile zone

Studies show that about 68% of smartphone owners follow events using phones. Promoting your event through the mobile zone increases your chances of gathering larger audiences. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly to increase its exposure to those who rely on mobile devices for the news.

Mass media

Mass media still appeal to many people especially to those who are not online often. Reach out to those people by promoting your events in newspapers, television or even print ads. Using them will increase your event’s exposure and possibly attract more people to your event.


Another way of attracting audiences is to offer incentives. Offer promos and discounts for people who either buy your tickets early or buy in large amounts. Provide fancy giveaways for those who will attend the event. Announce special guest performers in your events to persuade people to participate in your event.

It takes smart strategies to make your event successful. With the right tools and gimmicks, your event will gather large audiences and make it a talk of the town.

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