Boot Mania: Guys get it too

motocross boots

Most guys will complain that their girlfriends go bonkers over some high heels or a sale on shoes. But, they don’t think of it the same way when they’re going on about the new Jordan 11’s, or when there’s a sale on footy or motocross boots.

motocross boots

MX Store’s Thor and Fox may not be in the same bracket as Giani Bernini and Franco Sarto, but they’re still footwear and guys still love them. To be fair, the boots guys pine for are, on average, more practical. MX boots protect riders from lower leg injuries when they get in a motorbike accident, and footy boots do stop you from slipping all over the pitch, though the Jordan 11’s may not offer as much protection as you’re more likely to get punched than actually get them.

The point, however, is that guys go through the same near insane euphoria for footwear that girls go through when they spot a cute pair through the shop window. Any difference in style, practicality, and price are moot since the attitude towards them is largely the same, regardless of their source.

So, the next time your girl goes gaga over shoes, try your best not to roll your eyes because she might do the same thing when you find something you really want.