Breathing New Life to Your Old Hardwood Floorboards

Floor boards

Floor boardsIf your hardwood floorboards have been around since the start of the new millennium, chances are they are showing signs of rotting. The truth is hardwood, even the ones which has undergone the best preservation treatment, are all prone to decay after some time.

Sure Signs of Degrading Hardwood

The basic signs your floorboards are nearing their eclipse is fading varnish, uneven or raised panels and rough surface. If you are confident about the installation and binding of the wood panels, you can proceed with the floor finish.

Floor specialists recommend in-depth finishing that includes complete repair and sanding to polyurethane coating and curing the floors for longer lasting and foolproof floor renovation. Depending on the expanse of the project, clients may see the results within five to seven working days.

Expert Sanding

Floor sanding is what sets professionals apart from amateur restorers. Some skip the arduous task of taking out old paint and smoothing the surface. This results in uneven colour, visible scratches, and prominent and raised floor patches. A well-sanded hardwood reveals a cleaner and smoother base for painting or staining.

Perfect Wood Staining

Staining is the process of applying wood stain to make the timber lighter or darker than its original colour. Asmentioned a while ago, sanded floors are the perfect base for wood stain. Hardwood absorbs stain better with conditioner, which many professionals swear by. You may choose to go for red or golden hue to update the floor’s colour.

Glassy Polyurethane Finish

Polyurethane floor coating is the secret to mirror like shine for floors. It adds to the durability of the subsequent protective layers. Polyurethane, which comes in oil or water base coats, acts a protective coat for a perfect glossy finish, and richer and deeper timber colour. Without drastically changing the old timbers, which could cost hundreds of dollars, your floorboards will achieve a new sheen with poly coat.

Your old hardwood flooring can revive its impressive appearance with a refinishing job. To achieve perfection, hire a refinishing specialist and step onto a better floor.

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