Brief Home Maintenance Checklist for the New Year

A home maintenance repairman at workHow well did you take care of your home this year? If you are like most homeowners, you may be feeling that you could have done a little more. Well, there is good news. With the New Year knocking on the door, you have the opportunity to begin with a clean slate.

Here are smart ways to go about it.

Inspect the roof

January is still the dead of winter in many parts of America. This is the time you need to be most vigilant in your home maintenance routine. Walk around the house once a winter storm has quelled.

Inspect any damages that the wind, broken tree limbs, and falling snow may have caused on the roof, and call in a roof repair services expert in Utah such as Warburton’s Inc. should the need arises.

Attend to vulnerable pipes

Pipes suffer exposure to the cold, especially those found on your home’s outer walls. When pipes are frozen, they can easily crack, resulting in wastage of hundreds of gallons of water every day. As soon as you notice a leak, seal it promptly, so the problem does not get worse.

Even better, insulate all exposed pipes to prevent freezing.

Take care of pests

During the winter, a lot of pests will seek shelter in your house. A small crack in the wall is enough to let these pests get in and wreak havoc in your home. So inspect the house for any cracks and seal them promptly. Make sure that you empty your garbage bin frequently too.

Every once in a while, pour hot water down the bathroom and kitchen sinks to clear sludge and kill bacteria.

Your home is often the biggest investment of your life. If you can implement some simple maintenance tasks this January, you will be able to keep your home sturdy and inviting for the remainder of the year.