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court lawyerAttorney bios are some of the most visited or viewed sections of many law firm websites. A gap, however, significantly exists between what clients want to know and what lawyers are currently serving up. Many lawyer bios fail to connect and engage with their prospects, which leads to lost opportunities.

Most attorney profiles are simply bad, because some lawyers like to brag about their educational attainment, the people they’ve worked with, the courts they are admitted to, and even the law review articles they’ve written. The reality, however, is that clients choose attorneys based on trust or likeability. All they want to know is if you can help solve their problems.

SEO and link building experts share a few ways to make the most of your professional bio.

Include Short Profile

No one wants to read a long profile with dates and credentials. Although it is vital to include important details, try to keep it short or include a summary of what makes you unique. Limit the description of your qualifications, awards, interests, and publications.

Highlight Your Specialty

Don’t bother to put an endless list of your practice majors and minors, as it won’t help you get new clients. It is important to be specific about your areas of practice and focus. Providing examples of winning trial strategies or deals can help attract clients. It is also a great idea to tell how you help clients save money and how you win their case.

Use Great Photos

Your photo is essential, as clients want to see who they might be working with. While you don’t need to spend too much for this, don’t use one that resembles a scanned copy of your yearbook photo. Put more thought into bio photos and make sure that they look decent and professional. Avoid bright backdrops and take pictures of other lawyers or partners in locations where they are comfortable.

Establish Your Expertise

Let your clients do some marketing for you by including a few testimonials on your bio page. Testimonials have a great impact on other clients’ decision-making process. You can use them to reinforce your position as a trusted lawyer and demonstrate your expertise.

Win more clients by creating an attorney bio that focuses on connection and engagement. It is also helpful to seek the advice of online marketers for establishing your online presence.

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