Bullbars versus Australian Standards

bullbar vehicle

bullbar vehicleA contraption fitted in front of an automobile to protect the vehicle and the occupants in it. In different countries, these devices have different names. They can protect against any collision from a large animal, like cattle in rural areas, or a collision from another vehicle in normal traffic.

Bullbar Forms, Shapes, and Sizes

These devices have aftermarket or factory-installed in your vehicle. The devices vary in shape, size and form. The material used to make them varies, but includes aluminium, steel, moulded polyethylene and polycarbonate.

These devices are useful in that they absorb the impact of any collision. Unlike bumpers, which transmit the force of the impact across the vehicle, bullbars instead crumple so the force of the collision does not transfer to the rest of the car.

Concern for Pedestrians

Nevertheless, earlier devices are very rigid and can injure pedestrians seriously. This prompted the Australian government to lay down several standards for the design of bullbars so its utility remains undiminished, but is pedestrian-friendly.

The rules are for devices constructed after 2002, stating that bullbar must show all light indicators and headlights. To comply with the rules, the bar’s manufacturer should conduct extra tests. They should also ensure that the device is compatible with an airbag system.

Other Uses

Some bullbars can supplement the front bumper, which makes your vehicle, in effect, a battering ram. Your vehicle can then push simple fences, structures, or disabled and broken down vehicles off the road. Police patrol carsusing special bullbars such as those sold by kentweldbullbars.com.au can even nudge a fleeing car from behind, making it spin out of control.

Popular In Australia

Australians consider kangaroos a safety hazard on roads. This is why vehicles in rural areas have bullbars installed as a precaution against these animals.

A bullbar is another layer of safety, especially in adverse driving conditions. Though the argument still sounds over whether bullbars are safe for pedestrians, most would agree that it is not the bullbar that is fatal, but the vehicle itself.

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