Can Manila Be the Next Macau?

manila city

manila cityFor years, Macau has been associated with first-class gaming and entertainment that comes close to what Las Vegas offers. Of course, there is good reason for that. With all the facilities and establishments in the area, it is no wonder how most people see it as a true gaming paradise. But within this Asian region, one city shapes up to be its toughest competitor to date – and it’s no other than Manila.

An Up-and-Coming Destination

The Philippine capital has always been quite a treat for tourists, and it looks like it will soon be a top destination for gamers as well. Strong economic growth has made the area more appealing to casino builders. The construction of Parañaque City’s Entertainment City is in full swing. Upon its completion in the next few years, it will certainly be the ultimate gaming hub in the country.

Business has begun in the area as well. Solaire, one of the largest casinos and gaming destinations in Asia, has been operating for quite some time now. It has also generated a buzz among the locals, so it will certainly be one of the top spots there once the Las Vegas-esque project finishes.

Can Manila Topple Macau?

The question now is whether or not Manila can beat Macau as Asia’s top gaming destination. As of now, it is still a toss-up, but the Philippine capital certainly holds its own. For one, Manila is more accessible by plane, as there are more airlines linked to Philippine airports than what’s available in Macau. Moreover, the tax rates are more attractive in Manila as well. Add the climate – which attracts tourists – in the area and you have quite a solid formula to topple Macau.

Manila has its own niche to be a viable gaming hotspot for both locals and foreigners. The challenge now is for the casino developers to pull off an extraordinary job with Entertainment City and the other establishments belonging to the area. With the right mix of facilities, high-end games, and exceptional service, the Philippine capital might just be the most attractive gaming destination in Asia.

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