Can Modern Office Designs Make Cleaning Easier and Fun?

Modern Office Design in AuklandModern workplaces are organised with a pop of colours, varied textures and wireless gadgets. The designs are flexible, with designated lounges, modular furniture and multipurpose workspaces. The outdoors is also brought in for natural, cosy feels.

These changes in traditional workspaces are all for productivity, collaboration, identity and wellness – factors that make work efficient and employees happy, including commercial cleaners.

How? Let us count the ways.


Wires, docking stations and electronic devices can clutter a desk, or an entire office, if not properly concealed. Fortunately, manufacturers today make gadgets more portable and wireless.

For commercial cleaning companies like Allbrite Services Ltd, this means getting straight to their business – that is clean surfaces.

Open Spaces

In studies conducted by Sociometric Solutions, employees that work closer are more likely to communicate, even virtually. For instance, “engineers who shared space were 20% more likely to communicate digitally and emailed four times more frequently when collaborating on a project.” As a result, they finished the project 32% faster than those working in different places.

The same way works for cleaners. They see each other while working, and that makes helping each other out easier.


Designated lounges, kitchen placed next to workstations and benches instead of cubicles reduce the rigid feels of traditional offices. The thrill may extend to cleaners as they get to stay in these “privileged” areas. While such layout may pose cleaning challenges, it also makes the job less monotonous. Add to it the eye candy look from the unexpected use of colours.

Non-Permanent Layout

Movable office tables and cabinets offer ways to reinvent the office look. For employees, it could mean a dynamic and more collaborative workplace. For cleaners, it means developing new ways to approach their job.

Modern office designs promote communication, engagement and productivity – benefits that extend to commercial cleaners. The benefit goes back as clean workspaces can increase employee productivity. Thankfully, such office reinventions are happening rapidly. Auckland offices will surely catch up with the pace.