Capture It, Remember It: Easy Video Projects You Can do in an Instant

video editing

Many people shy away from creating videos because they think it takes too darn long to do. But here’s a secret: videos should be short. The recording, editing, and production time should be a walk in the park, not a marathon.

video editing

Here are three easy video projects you can do in a jiffy:

A “Live” Music Video

“Lip syncing” videos, where people mouth along the words to a popular song while doing other goofy stuff, are a popular video concept nowadays. It may not be business-related, but it’s a great way to showcase you and your coworker’s fun side.

Tip: Use stock video clips for added dimension and overlay the song track during post-production for higher quality audio.

An Office Tour

Give a video tour of your office. Many cool cameras, such as the Flip Cam, Kodak Zi8 or even the one on your iPhone, are great portable tools for recording high-quality video. Add in a couple of company photos and stock video clips, and you can take it to a whole new level.

A Conference Video

Getting a few short clips of different talks and speakers is a great way to share what you’ve learned to others. Use a few After Effects templates from MotionElements and photos from Flickr, and you can turn your experience at Comic Con, SXSW, or a business conference into something more memorable. Just make sure recording of the talks is allowed before recording and publishing.