Why Subway Failed and How You Can Avoid Their Mistake

September 21, 2019

Entrepreneurs are always looking to expand their business by either building another shop in a different location or opening the business for franchising. Between the two, franchising is an easier option since you won’t have […]

office employees

3 Simple Tips to Improve Office Productivity

August 30, 2019

Eight, nine, or even 12 hours of work seems a long time. However, a lot of employees would complain that their work hours are not enough to accomplish all of their daily tasks. We cannot […]

No Picture

Just How Secure Is Your Cloud Storage?

August 9, 2019

If you think about it, the files we store on the cloud are probably in the most secure places we can get them into. But the security these cloud services can provide our data all […]

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What to Look For in a Paper Shredding Company

August 8, 2019

The modern company has to deal with several reams worth of data, information, and documentation per day. All of this amounts to a great deal of paper used daily, for everything from internal reports and […]

food presentation

Before Using Food Serving Boards, Read This First

July 31, 2019

In the food industry, presentation matters. When you visit fancy restaurants, you will notice how chefs or food service personnel put the effort in food plating to make the meal look more enticing. Food plating […]