Roomates hanging out at the living room
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Sharing Space: The Benefits of Having Roommates

September 6, 2019

Some people may have had bad experiences with roommates. But that should not deter anyone from pursuing better housing conditions. For example, a tiny and cramped apartment in Brisbane is obviously more uncomfortable than the […]

family inside their new home
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Just Moved? Here Is What You Should Do First

September 2, 2019

Leaving everything you know behind and moving to a completely new city can be the thrill of a lifetime. You are finally able to spread your wings and do what it takes to chase your […]

searching outsourcing
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5 Services You Can Outsource for Your Business

August 30, 2019

Owning a business will require hard work and a good workforce. Without one of the two, the company will suffer. Most companies do not have enough staff to complete tasks, which would often lead to […]

Power Tools
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5 Helpful Tools You Never Knew You Needed in Your Workshed

August 30, 2019

For many, creativity takes place inside their work shed. You can build your furniture and accessories using essential hand tools and heavy machinery. Despite having successful projects, some tools allow you to improve your craftsmanship […]

closeup of a credit card
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Do Singaporean Millennials Have Good Credit?

August 28, 2019

The Lion City is the financial hub of Southeast Asia, and yet many Singaporeans are not exactly good at managing their finances. This notion is particularly true when it comes to millennials. Many young adults […]