Land for sale sign on grass
Real Estate

Investment Talk: Converting Land to Cash

September 2, 2019

Land is considered by many as a costly but worthwhile purchase. The market value of this real property appreciates over time, offering a promising return of investment in the future. Additionally, with the population growing […]

For sale sign in front of luxury house
Real Estate

Property Stale List: How to Be Out of It

June 25, 2019

It takes skills and timing to convince a person to shell out their money and buy something. Regardless of whether selling clothes, the latest gadgets, insurance policies, and yes, your home, proper marketing, and the […]

new house for sale
Real Estate

Components of a Home Purchase Offer

June 24, 2019

Homeownership is on virtually everyone’s list of achievements. You can wait to inherit a home and realize your dream, but more often than not, buying one is the best route. This gives you a sense […]

Man signing a contract
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Common Pitfalls to Avoid as a First-time Property Investor

June 20, 2019

  If you are a first-time investor, you should familiarise yourself with how to approach property investment. This helps avoid losing your money or incurring unnecessary expenses. There is plenty of information available regarding property […]

The financial district Canary Wharf in London during sunset
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Living in Canary Wharf with the Whole Family

June 17, 2019

Canary Wharf, London is a chic place to live and work in. It feels more like Manhattan with its skyscrapers and glass-walled offices than London. All day, it is filled with the hustle and bustle […]