Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Colorado: A Guide

November 5, 2015

When considering a white water rafting trip, prepare with utmost care, whether you are a solo traveller, a couple or a group setting out on an adventure. The best ticket to an unforgettable Colorado adventure […]


Things that Endear Travellers to Singapore

April 22, 2015

Singapore has a myriad of attractions that endear locals and tourists alike. Here are some facts about the Lion City that endear travellers and make vacations worthwhile: Festivals The site buskers.sentosa.com.sg provides activities in Singapore, […]


Expats’ Health Insurance Woes

March 16, 2015

According to a recent study conducted by HSBC, Singapore tops the list of the best countries to be an expat in, then the UAE and US tied for second, followed by Belgium and Hong Kong. […]