Centrifugal Pumps: Prolong Pump Life through Careful Maintenance

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps used in several industries undergo extensive use as well as wear and tear. Although manufacturers do their best to produce pumps that are heavy duty, these pumps can only last for so long.

This is why it becomes very important to choose what kind of pump to buy. Pump specialist Masterflow.net.au recommends that you consult an expert when purchasing one, and procure from a firm that also does onsite service and maintenance.

Nonetheless, you can make sure that the centrifugal pumps used in your industrial facility can last for as long as possible. You simply need to maintain the pumps regularly.


What exactly do you need to do during pump maintenance? Obviously, you can inspect your centrifugal pumps every single day. You can only check specific details of your pump at a time, however, as you cannot check everything within one day.

Your daily routine inspection has to include leak checks, vibration analyses, temperature and discharge pressure inspections, and oil level and condition checks.


Every quarter of the year, you can do additional inspections on your centrifugal pumps. You make sure you tightly bolt down the pumps. You can also check the mechanical seal and the shaft alignment, replacing and realigning respectively if needed. Finally, you can change the oil.


Every year, you can do even more inspections. You simply need to check the pump capacity, the pump pressure, and the pump power. You can compare the performance of these indicators to the requirements of your process. When they do not match up, you can disassemble the pump, inspect it thoroughly, and replace worn parts if necessary.

Performance Indicators

To monitor a pump accurately, you can look at six important indicators: suction pressure, power, pump efficiency, pump speed, discharge pressure, and flow. You can also monitor vibration and oil levels. With monitoring, you can check a pump’s condition without dismantling it.

When you do have a broken pump, you can call on centrifugal pump experts who can fix or replace the pumps.