Choosing the Right Couch: How the Pros Do It

Buying a CouchA couch is one of your major furniture purchase. It’s also the centerpiece of your receiving and living area — so a bad choice can actually ruin your home’s appeal. But knowing what looks good for your home is difficult. You can sit on a couch to feel its comfort factor, after all.

That’s why working with a reliable furniture supplier, such as Furniture Expo Outlet, is important. Don’t worry, though. This article shares a few hacks that can help you.

1. Test the frame

How do you know if the couch you bought has a sturdy frame? According to Good Housekeeping, you can test it by lifting one corner and checking at what height the other corner lifts up. The other side of the couch should lift up once the side you’re lifting reaches at least 6 inches. If it doesn’t, the frame isn’t good.

2. Consider the cushions

The best cushions are dense, since these last much longer than their softer counterparts. Foam is still the best option and feathers are only for the people who can afford to clean these things. If the cushions don’t come with good batting, you’re going to have to put it in yourself.

3. Feel the springs

A couch with no springs is going to break easily. This is because there’s nothing to brace the frame against the constant weight shifting and impact. The springs should be close together and firm. Another good thing to remember is that if a brand new sofa squeaks, then the springs aren’t spaced evenly.

Try to shy away from cheap sofas. The first thing you should always look for is the durability of the furniture. A couch should last long and give your family many years of service. You can always worry about style later.