Choosing Where to Live in Australia

Approximately 20% of Australia’s population lives in the city of Sydney. That’s around 5 million living in an area that’s over 1,100 square kilometers, making it Australia’s largest city. It’s the most internationally recognized city in Australia, and it’s not even the country’s capital (Melbourne is). Sydney is the capital of New South Wales.

If you want to live in this vast, sprawling city, you can choose a house from any of its five main areas. Ask removalists to help you with your move, whether you’re within the city or from another state.

North Sydney

This includes the North Shore, Northern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, and Hills Districts. These areas are known for their opulent residents, often living the highest quality of life.

Houses in this area range from $1.2 to $3 million and are mainly detached. In the lower North, residential properties are mostly flats, apartments, and row houses, which are all cheaper than detached homes in the area.

The Upper North Shore has the suburbs closest to the city. But if you want more space for housing, try part of the area farther from the city.

Inner Sydney

This includes the city center and the Inner West. The Inner West used to be a network of working-class suburbs. And although the area is still appealing to workers for its proximity to the CBD, it is now more geared toward families and young professionals.

Unlike houses in North Sydney, Inner West properties are priced at an average of $870,000 to $1,300,000. Housing is a mixture of new high-rise developments, warehouse conversions, and period workers cottages.

East Sydney

This includes areas in the Eastern Suburbs and South-eastern Sydney. The area is accessible to the younger demographic because of its proximity to the city’s parks, harbor, and iconic beaches.

However, East Sydney is way pricier than the Inner Sydney area. Houses are at an average of $3 million. That’s why many residents prefer to share houses or rent flats. Row houses and apartments range from $800,000 to $1.1 million.

West Sydney

This includes South Western Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, and Canterbury-Bankstown. The area has also seen growth in recent years. Improved transport links, more cultural activities, and an increase in local opportunities have made the area more attractive to a wide demographic of homebuyers.

Houses here are more affordable, too. Prices range from as low as $440,000 to $1 million. Properties available are mostly new apartment complexes and older houses.

South Sydney

This includes Macarthur, St. George, and Sutherland Shire districts. It’s popular among British and Kiwis, but there are also many Australians who live there as well.

Row of new homes with fenced yards along a sidewalk

South Sydney’s definite advantage is its transportation system. The area is connected to the city center through a railway link that shortens the travel time to just around 35 to 45 minutes; it's way better than what Northern Beaches has.

Houses are priced between $650,000 and $1.2 million, which are mostly detached houses.

The best way to find a house that meets your requirements is to look at the features of the suburb. Price is a significant factor, but you also have to look at the property’s proximity to places of necessities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, and schools. It should also be near transportation systems and workplaces. Most importantly, the crime rate should be low.