CO Safety Tips You Need to Know This Season

The control panel of a heating systemPeople largely use heating systems this time of the year, and you may want to ensure that your central heater works properly before you party with friends. Carbon monoxide leak is one of the common heating system problems responsible to estimated 430 deaths every year in the U.S.

And just recently, a Michigan family almost got killed by CO poisoning in their home.

It is silent; it can kill you without knowing it

It started when the family’s water heater malfunctioned after a household did some work on the heater. It is recommended that you contact a heating and cooling servicer in St. Joseph, Michigan such as Home Comfort Experts if you do not know what you are doing.

Like what happened to the family, the housewife struggled to breathe and felt dizzy, as she unknowingly had been exposed to leaking gas. It turned out the family of five, including two children, had been exposed to CO for some time after their gas detector had failed.

You should regularly check your CO detectors as such devices could save your family. CO leaks can go pass your senses undetected and kill you. The family was lucky to survive as they have reacted fast to the situation.

Ways your family can avoid CO exposure this holiday season

Such incidents are fortunately preventable, and you may want to do it this season. Do all your barbeques outdoors mostly if you are using a charcoal grill; do not even try it in the garage. Never use your oven or gas range as a heater substitute.

Keep the fireplace damper open to prevent possible gas build-up inside the home. If your family is faced with leaking gas, immediately open all windows or evacuate the house and call for help. Usual CO exposure symptoms may include headaches, breath shortness, dizziness, and nausea.

Prolonged CO exposure could lead to a serious health condition, even death.

It is critical that you regularly inspect your heating systems and gas detectors to avoid CO poisoning. Though there are ways you can prevent gas exposure, it pays to know what to do when faced with such incident.