Colour Mystery: Why Do Painters Always Wear White Clothing?

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Painters deal with colourful paints in their profession, yet they always wear white for work. It seems impractical, but they always insist on wearing white uniforms whenever they work on their projects.

A Sign of Being Professionals

People associate certain professions with certain colours and kinds of uniform. For quality painting services, the sign of professionalism has always been white. Professional painters wear all-white clothing, such as overalls, t-shirts, trousers and dungarees to distinguish themselves from other tradesmen. An all- white uniform is, in fact, an advertisement of their profession.

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No Coloured Paints Before

In the olden days, there was only whitewashing and no coloured paints were involved. While working with white colour, whatever got on to the painters’ clothes did not show up, even if it was white, too. That is perhaps how the tradition of white uniform for painters came about. Colour paints were introduced only in the late 1800s.

The white tradition, however, still continues for many other practical reasons.

Always Working with White

Most of the substances used by the reliable painting contractors are white such as plaster, chalk and lime. In addition, painters use sandpaper to smooth the walls before applying paints. During this process, a fine dust or powder is generated, which is also white. All these materials get deposited on the painters’ clothing. So, if it’s white, they do not show up and look untidy.

Easy Maintenance

Nowadays, painters use a number of colours, and all these stain their white uniform. However, in some ways, maintaining a white uniform is easier. The painter can just have the uniform bleached to get the white colour back. This kind of bleaching is not possible with any other colouring. All others will look faded and stained. Thus, white is easier to keep clean and maintain.

Less Heat and More Comfortable

The other reason, could be that some painters need to spend long hours in the sun for many days. White does not absorb the heat and light from the sun. Instead, it reflects it. This helps keep the body cool. Thus, white uniform keeps the painters feeling cool and comfortable in summer.

If your painter wears a slightly off-coloured white, it shows he has done a lot of work. Clean white uniforms don’t necessarily mean they’re the best painters.