Common Charging Problems with iPads

person reading the news using iPad

person reading the news using iPadOne of the prevalent causes of irritation among iPad customers is their inability to charge or charge too slowly. Both issues mean that the charge will not last and you will fast be stuck with the most expensive chopping board worldwide.

Problems with iPad charging are not a preserve of a specific manufacturer and are in fact as common in Smartphone and tablets. Rather than scour the internet looking for solutions, it is prudent to get an expert iPad repair service in Salt Lake City to fix your issue.

There are after all different aspects which might affect your iPad’s charging and finding an exhaustive and detailed article to guide you on what might be plaguing it is largely impossible. Your iPad is after all costly and fiddling with it might contribute to its irreparable damage.

The following are a few aspects that contribute to various charging iPad charging issues.

Devices That Do Not Charge at All

The common problems which can contribute to the complete non-charging of your iPad are related to the lightning cables. At times, your lightning cables’ electrical contacts might be worn out, or your iPad’s lightning port might be damaged.

The common element which contributes to the damage of lightning ports is dust accumulation. Dismantling and cleaning your lightning port or the cables might be the solution in most cases when your iPad does not charge at all.

Device Charging Too Slowly

If you use a power adapter other than that supplied by a manufacturer to charge your iPad, it will naturally charge slower than usual. This can also be a consequence of using different USB ports on a computer to charge your device. The issue in some cases might, however, be caused by damage to your charging cable or lightning port — which will both minimize the power amount flowing to the device.

man checking security system using iPad

‘Not Charging’ on Your Status Bar

There are times when your device is plugged in, but it displays a ‘not charging’ message. The issue might arise from a broken down adapter since it allows a specified amount of charge to flow to your device within a specified period. If broken down, your iPad will register the reduced electric current flow as a ‘not charging.’

The ‘Accessory Not Certified’ Status

There exists a little chip in your OEM power adapter which communicates with your device to show whether it is made for it. If you are using an OEM adapter and this status still pops up on your device’s screen, then there might be instabilities with your iOS software. Alternatively, there might be accumulated debris on your lightning port which hinders the communication with your device.

Charging glitches are common in iPads and might be the main contributor to the complete breakdown of your device. The above issues appear easy enough to fix by following various online tutorials, but this is far from reality.

More often than not, iPad owners have caused more damage to their devices while trying to “fix” their issue. To avoid making this mistake with your device, get a professional to fix your iPad at its first sign of trouble.