Common Problems of Gas Furnaces and Their Solutions

Easy Fix to Common Gas Furnace ProblemWith the arrival of the cold weather these fall and winter seasons, furnace repair companies in Denver CO will receive a lot of calls from homeowners having problems with their heating system, specifically their gas furnace. By being aware of the most common issues that plague this type of furnace, you will be in a better prepared to handle the problem.

A gas furnace can run on either natural or propane gas to heat a home’s interior. While it runs on a more expensive fuel, a gas furnace produces a cleaner burn than an oil furnace and requires less repair. Should there be some problems, they are usually easier to diagnose and less expensive to repair.

Done Plumbing & Heating lists four common problems that occur in older gas furnaces and how they can be fixed.

The furnace’s pilot light doesn’t come on

This problem is usually caused by a damaged thermocouple, not enough gas flowing to the gas valve, or a stuck up pilot opening. Any of these three issues can be fixed with light work and at minimal expense.

The furnace doesn’t produce heat at all

The problem can be caused by a defective thermostat, a tripped circuit or blown fuse, a damaged pilot light or a closed control valve. While you can fix these issues yourself, it is recommended to call a professional heating and cooling company if you’re not familiar with gas furnace servicing.

The furnace doesn’t generate enough heating

Insufficient heat produced by your furnace could be caused by a jammed blower, a loose blower belt, or a dirty or burned filter which are easy to repair. If any of these parts pose a potential problem, have a gas furnace technician check them all up in one go and save money.

The furnace cycles frequently between “on” and “off”

This problem can happen due to an excessively dry motor, a dirty filter, or a stuck up blower. The blower can be cleaned using a vacuum; The filter can be either cleaned or replaced; the dry motor can be lubricated with oil. The repair cost of any of these should be light.

Most gas furnace problems are easy and inexpensive to repair. A DIY repair by the inexperienced homeowner is, however, discouraged. It is best for them to leave the repair job to the experts, especially because of the hazards posed by gas leaks.