Converting the Loft for Extra Space: What You Should Know

Home library in the attic

Home library in the atticThe kids are now grown, and suddenly your home feels small. There is some much din in the house; you cannot unwind after a long day. So you find yourself entertaining the thoughts of moving houses. Well, instead of uprooting your life and starting a new in a different place, just convert that loft.

It offers you a way to get more living space in the home without leaving a huge dent in your wallet, notes a West Wickham loft conversions specialist.

It’s cost-effective

Home remodels are a proven way to increase the value of a house and a loft conversion often comes off on top. According to the Nationwide Building Society, that extra living space in your attic boosts your home value by up to 21 percent.

The appreciation figures vary and depend on the kind of amenities you have in place. Typically, the height of the roof, headroom, roof’s pitch and angles, and other obstacles dictate what you can create. The cheapest conversions involve no roof alterations and will set you back about £15,000.

Adding a dormer window shoots the cost up to £20,000. If extension roof alterations are necessary, you are likely to incur costs northwards of £40,000.

You have plenty of options

Depending on the space available, you can add an extra bedroom or two to the house, an office space, a luxurious bath, anything. You can also create a home office to escape the growing children. Or you can create a one of a kind playhouse for your children and give them their own private space.

However, in the interest of adding value to your house, it would be better to create a livable space. An extra one or two en-suite bedrooms are an instant hit with buyers looking for spacious dwellings.

There is no need to move houses because you need extra space to accommodate your growing kids if your home has a loft. Simply convert the attic into livable space and escape the move.