Corporate Events: Considerations and Theme Ideas for a Memorable Event

Corporate events

Corporate events include everything from parties and team building to client affairs and conferences. These can be small one-day parties or week-long happenings that employees, stakeholders, clients and the public can attend. Some reasons for hosting an event can be to raise money, launch a new product or to improve partnerships.

Whether you are trying to create stunning galas or employee-only parties, here’s how to make your event enjoyable and memorable.

Considerations When Planning a Corporate Event

First things first: what’s the purpose of the event? Are you planning to reward employees or engage with potential customers? The purpose of the event will determine the type of event and its theme, and who will be invited.

Depending on the size of the event, you might want to hire a third party for help. Small internal events are manageable by the human resources or employee engagement team, but events with large attendees or lots of conference sessions will require an external agency.

As you plan the event, make sure you have a contingency plan. No matter how thoroughly you’ve planned your corporate event, something will likely not go as planned. A contingency plan helps you react quickly and appropriately when there are accidents or emergencies on the big day.

After the event, it’s always important to send a survey to guests to see if they enjoyed it. This allows you to determine whether your goals were met and what areas you can improve on should you want to organise another event in the future.

Fun Corporate Event Ideas

The event idea will mix seamlessly with your theme, venue and goals. Here are some tried and tested corporate event ideas that your clients, employees and stakeholders will enjoy:

  • “Kidult” Events

It’s good to embrace one’s inner child and act like a kid sometimes. Give your guests this opportunity by holding kid-adult events, such as carnivals, costume parties and game days. Go all out with the food and drinks, too — rent commercial slush machines to create a favourite childhood drink and bring in lots of snacks.

  • Live Performances

Music is enjoyed universally, so holding a concert is always a good idea. You don’t need to invite famous artists if it’s a small event or if you’re tight on budget. Call for auditions in the community or in the workplace and give your employees a few minutes in the spotlight. You can also add a twist to live performances by organising open mic nights, spoken word poetry or stand-up comedy.

  • Master Classes and Workshops

Many business professionals enjoy having the chance to learn again. Masterclasses and workshops allow them to learn new skills and refine current ones with the help of experts in the field.

  • TEDx Talks

Speaker in an event

TEDx talks are popular presentations where a speaker gives a short talk on a topic of their choice, using storytelling as a way of getting their message across. This can be an internal event where you can call for speakers in the workplace. You can add a theme for the talks or allow the speakers to discuss any topic of their choice.

Corporate events are an incredible way to show off your company, as well as to highlight the skills of your team. This is your chance to show your employees, partners and customers what your company is about. Thorough and innovative planning is the key to creating an event that guests will remember.