Cure for the Writer’s Block: Searching for Ideas When You Run out of Ideas


bloggingEvery brilliant blog starts with a brilliant idea. The reality, however, is that content writers can’t always have eureka moments. This is especially true if it feels like you have already written about almost every possible topic there is in your field of expertise.

Writer’s block is frustrating and difficult, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get out of this seemingly bottomless pit. Don’t get stuck; here are strategies home-based and freelance content writers use to find blog ideas when they run out of ideas:

Inquire Quora

Quora is a source of rare gems. This is a site where people ask questions and others will answer to the best of their knowledge. Its Q and A format allows you to see two things: what people want to know and what people know so far. By typing in keywords related to your niche, you’ll be able to explore topics that interest your target audience and fill those knowledge gaps.

See Comments Section

Go to blogs related to the supposed topic you’re working on. Choose some posts that tickle your curiosity, and then see the comments section and list down questions frequently asked. In some situations, you will probably see comments that directly request for a blog about a certain topic.

The same principle applies in online forums and social media groups. Look for topics that tackle points raised by people looking for information about certain aspects of the topic of industry you are writing for/about.

Go against the Flow

There are a million articles written for “Secrets to Great Content Writing” that it’s not really a ‘secret’ anymore. The secret to tackling these kinds of topics is to take the alternate route. Instead of writing about “5 Ways to Make Content Great”, go for “5 Ways That Will NOT Make Content Great.” This will not just help you spin that cliché content topic, but will also give readers a new perspective.

Writer’s block is discouraging, but it has a cure. Don’t get stuck; try these strategies and make yourself comfortable in the writing zone.