Dangerous Decisions You Should Avoid When Drunk

Guests drinking wine

Guests drinking wineAmericans like drinking alcohol. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer after dinner isn’t unusual for many. In 2015, 86.4 percent of people aged 18 and older said they drank alcohol at some point in their life.

While it’s okay to drink alcohol from time to time, some may succumb to binge-drinking. This usually happens when you’re celebrating something or going through a problem. The trouble with this is that alcohol impairs the memory, affecting the way you would typically process things.

When you’re not thinking clearly, you might do something you’ll later regret so, though it might be hard, remember these things you shouldn’t ever do when you’re drunk:

1. Go swimming

Alcohol use is involved in up to 70 percent of water recreation-related deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Alcohol affects your coordination and judgment, two essential skills to keep yourself afloat.

2. Get a tattoo

Around 60 percent of people regret their tattoo after six months, according to Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic. Tattoos are long-lasting marks on your body that can only be removed through tattoo removal procedures. Inebriation may cause you to choose a design you wouldn’t normally go for, have no meaning, or is simply embarrassing.

3.  Drive

Driving when alcohol-impaired is one of the leading causes of fatal vehicular crashes. Inebriation blurs your sight, slows down your reflexes, and muddles your thoughts. When a simple distraction when you’re sober can cause a fatal crash, what more if you’re drunk?

4. Sunbathe

Say you’re on a tropical vacation and have been drinking, don’t follow it up with sunbathing. The heat alone will raise your temperature and cause you to dehydrate. When mixed with alcohol, which is a diuretic, you pass more liquid than usual through urination. This dehydrates your body even further.

When you’re drunk, it can be hard to think things through, so the best way to avoid making these mistakes is by regulating your alcohol consumption.