Dealing With a Finicky Cat at Mealtime

cat sleeping on the floorTrying to feed a cat can be difficult at times. Now imagine if that cat is a fussy eater. Whether you order premium food for your cat online or give it another type of food, it doesn’t matter. It can be very infuriating for anyone.

There might be a few things you can try, but you must understand the situation first.

Is the cat actually picky?

Only two answers: the cat is either picky or sick. The sick route is straightforward and self-explanatory. A sick cat is likely to lose appetite, so visiting the vet is a great idea. As for the picky route, understand that owners might be partly to blame.

Experts recommend starting a kitten or younger cat on a varied diet. You keep it healthy and different on a regular basis, and the cat isn’t likely to get finicky. Try making the cat eat only one type of food, and the problem begins. Cats get bored and overfeeding a kind of food won’t “get them used to it.”

Cats have an instinct to feed on almost anything they come across when they need it. If a cat is finicky, you’re affecting its natural eating behaviour.

Things to try

Understand that cats are clean freaks – at least by their standards. Look at the food bowl and see if it’s dirty. Clean it up and try again. However, remember not to use soap with strong scents to not confuse the cat’s senses. It requires every sense to enjoy its food. And if the cat eats from an old bowl but not from a new one, then try giving the old bowl back.

You can try tempting a cat, but be patient. This may work better for a cat who loves dry food. One important tip is to be slow and steady. Put a small amount of wet food besides dry food and see how the cat reacts to it over time.

The key is slow and gradual iteration of the new food into the cat’s routine. Free choice feeding may also be bad. Only put out food at select meal times, and then take away what it did not eat in 30 minutes.