Defining Elements of the Craftsman Style for Your Staircase

White floating staircase design with the wooden background.

Getting the strongest sense of style for your interiors is essential for all residential and commercial buildings. One of the aspects that will define your building’s style is the staircase. Over time, there have been several requirements introduced to define what constitutes a good staircase.   Its steps should, for instance, be of uniform size and shape. The stairs’ width should be not less than 85cm and its slope should be 25-40 degrees. Moreover, the headroom’s height should be more than 7 feet, and the handrail should be 75-90 cm from the steps.

Good staircase design for commercial buildings also focuses on exceptional designs to guarantee the best interior look. One of the most common design alternatives for stairs nowadays is the craftsman style. The craftsman stair design is a reflection of the American design and features a blend of metal and wood. The elements in this design are specifically chosen to emphasize simplicity and generate harmony with nature in your interiors.

Here are the key elements of this style for your building’s staircase.

Unique Newel Posts

The character of your newel post is among the defining elements of the unique craftsman style. The posts have clean rectangular proportions that reinforce simplicity through the use of clean and simple lines. You can add a boot to each of the newel post’s bases to enhance the profile of your staircase and create a traditional craftsman look. For a modern look, pair the profile of your newel posts to negate the boot and create a slim profile that matches the simplicity of modern interior design.

Interesting Wood Characters

Wood is the leading choice owing to its natural grain and tone that resonates with nature. You can opt to oil rub, coat, or stain it to get a unique appearance. The traditional craftsman stair style allows the character of the hardwoods used to shine through the finish. Modern styles work with the clean lines and subdued appearance of maple wood.

Right Railing Profiles

The size and solid shape of the craftsman railing are one of the hallmarks of craftsman style staircases. The railing has a pleasant feel that will convey strength and grace when expertly hewn. In a traditional craftsman style, the handrails are generally planed, hewn, and joined onsite under meticulous artistry. The modern style incorporates refreshing updates to complement the clean stair lines.

Beautiful Balusters

Multiple tiers of white balustrades

The balusters on your staircase should suit your railing. Though wood is the typical material used for balusters, metal balusters in oil-rubbed bronze or dark iron are the leading choices to reinforce a connection with nature. Some modern styles, however, use stainless steel balusters in circular designs to complement railing and tread woods in a warm tone.

Virtually all residential and commercial buildings nowadays are multi-storied. You need not settle for a basic staircase to get people and goods to the upper floors of your buildings. With a focus on the above design elements, craftsman style staircases will transform your interiors into something you would want to show off. You can then center your interior design elements around your exceptional staircase.