Destination Cebu: 3 Ways to Travel Green

Traveling in CebuThe world is in big trouble. When you watch and truly listen to Leonardo Di Caprio run the grim scenarios in the documentary “Before the Flood,” you will feel hopeless. And probably alarmed that you can’t do anything about the terrifying effects of climate change. But there is something you can do — in your own small way. That doesn’t include watching all of Di Caprio’s movies.

Go Green

Being an eco-conscious traveler is a good way to reduce your impact on the environment. It will take more effort than your average trips, but traveling green is well worth your time. You’ll gain meaningful experiences and leave your destination in better condition, or at least, observe its environmental efforts.

So where do you start? Start with an ethical destination, one that promotes sustainable tourism, like Cebu. The well-known island province is introducing several programs, from wildlife protection to visitor management, to develop its eco-tourism. When you visit more eco-conscious destinations, you spend your tourism peso on sustainable industries.

And if you’re like most travelers to the Queen City of the South, you can go from “just visiting” to “now staying” by buying a condominium in Cebu. While you decide, here are three ways to travel green in the island province:

1. Bike, walk — take public transportation in the city.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using these eco-friendly, affordable ways to roam the city. Biking or walking not only allows you to explore more of Cebu’s sights. You also stay fit.

2. Buy Local.

When you buy local products, you support small-scale industries in the island province. You’re also getting souvenirs and produce that have not been flown in from other locations. Businesses that import products add to carbon emissions.

3. Switch Off Lights.

Even when you’re staying at a hotel, it still pays to use up less energy. Switch off lights. Keep the air conditioning on to a minimum, when possible.

Every little bit helps. Even Di Caprio thinks the world can still something about climate change. But we have to start now. And traveling to eco-conscious destinations like Cebu is a good beginning.