Did You Know That Your Garage Doubles as Storage?


garageWhen you’re short of space in your home, you can always have a garage built. In addition to being a house for your car, you can use the extra space as storage. So, you now have the space where you can put all the clutter in your home, paving way for more moving space.

As with your home, your converted storage space in your garage will need organization. No, putting your stuff in boxes wouldn’t suffice and it’s not the best way to maintain order. What you need are baskets, bins, shelves and totes. As noted by OnTrack Wall Solutions, “It’s all like adding more square footage without doing any construction.”

Tips on Organizing Your Garage

1. Getting High

There is a rule of thumb in garage storage that if you can everything, you’re not using the higher spaces. Anything that you don’t usually utilize can take that top shelf and make space for everyday tools. This way, you get to use everything you had installed.

2. More Outlets

The one thing you don’t want to happen is a stray wire undoing all your hard work. This is likely to happen when you plug at one side and use the tool at the other. One swing and everything will fall apart, maybe. Outlets are easy to install, and even if you hire an electrician, it still won’t cost much.

3. Using Hooks

Garage hooks are usually very sturdy, which means it could carry a heavier load. You can use it to hang things such as wheelbarrows and other stuff of the same weight or size.

4. Store More

As long as you can keep it organized, keep stuffing your garage storage. After all, it’s the reason you had it installed. Fret not because there are DIY steps to reinforce your mounts if need be.

5. A Larger Garage

When you need more space, you can always knock out a wall in your garage. You won’t want to fill your cabinets to the brim and wait for it to collapse. Always go for the practical approach to make sure that no further trouble will arise.

A garage is a fantastic home improvement choice, and turning excess space into storage is even better. It’s a relatively low-cost undertaking that will help you save money in more ways than one.

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