Disaster Preparedness: The Importance of Clean Food

healthy vegetable salad

healthy vegetable saladPerceptions of necessities change over the years as new trends are introduced to the market. Today, people are more conscious of global warming and what it’s doing to the environment.

As various natural calamities continue to plague countries across the globe, the demand for products associated with disaster preparedness has increased. Because of this, some companies now offer products that would give consumers the assurance in case something bad happens.

Food is the primary concern for individuals in a survival situation. According to survival experts, energy plays a vital role in increasing a person’s chance of survival. Food does not only provide a person with the necessary nutrition, but also gives the mental boost that is important in life or death situations.

With this, food storage companies are now offering food kits in the market. These kits provide consumers the nutrition they would need to deal with the challenges they may encounter in the future.

In a life or death situation, living conditions are poorer and hygiene is one of the first things to deteriorate. This exposes people to various diseases that could cause sickness or even death. There are more than two-hundred fifty kinds of diseases that can lead to food poisoning.

One of the most common bacteria that cause food poisoning is salmonella, a bacterial infection in the intestines. A person may experience symptoms within 12 hours of exposure to it. An infected person may feel severe abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea, which also causes dehydration. Unless an infected person is given the necessary treatment, symptoms can last a week.

Today, over forty-eight million Americans get sick and another three thousand die every year due to food related diseases. With this, Investing on survival food kits doesn’t only ensure a proper nutrition, but also prevents your exposure to life threatening diseases.

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