Do You Need to Upgrade to iOS 10.1.1?

Apple Gadgets in New ZealandApple has released the iOS 10.1.1 to correct a serious bug in its iOS 10.1 version and while it did its jobs, the question remains if it’s safe for installation on your phone.

The iOS 10.1.1 works with Apple devices that are compatible with the iOS 10 software, including iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad mini and their later models. Aside from resolving a bug that wiped users’ health data, the 10.1.1 version also fixed some major security threats.

Apple will prompt its iPhone users to download and install the new update, as the newest system will be rolled out to all of its products.

Should You Upgrade?

The iOS 10.1.1 update generally requires users either to update manually or an auto-update manner. To do the former, go to the Settings tab on your phone, onto the General tab and finally customise your software update settings.

In addition, the update’s installation only needs a small amount of space on your device between 30MB and 70MB of storage. Since this upgrade specifically aims to fix bugs related to health data problems, those that are unable to see their medical information should definitely download it.

As for the security aspect, the iOS 10.1.1 also aims to resolve the CoreGraphic vulnerability, which allows hackers to take remote control of a device. Hackers do this by showing a JPEG or PDF file with malicious codes.

Gadget Repairs

Some people are quick to replace their Apple device with a new one when it faces certain glitches, but there’s really no need to get a new one each time your device fails you. Apple Fix says that for your iPhone or iPad, repair services are available in authorised service centres.

If you live in New Zealand, several trusted centres in Hamilton, Waikato that service a wide range of other Apple devices such as Macs and Macbooks.