Don’t Be a Party Pooper: Proper Etiquette During Gatherings

proper etiquette during gatherings

proper etiquette during gatheringsPartying is all about fun, drinking and catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your etiquette at the door and be a wild party animal. There are certain party rules you need to be stick with.

While no one may say it directly to your face, inappropriate actions may be disrespecting or causing bad vibes all around. The last thing you want is to spoil the fun—your friends might not even invite you the next time they hold a gathering., a premier venue hire in Brisbane, shares some of the things you must stop doing to avoid causing embarrassment:

  • Eating before the host

Hosts often forget to eat, as they are entertaining guests. In a formal party setting, guests wait for them to eat first. They’ll take a bite or two from the food on their plate, which is your cue to eat.

  • Asking for second servings

If you’re all at a sit-down plated dinner or lunch, do not ask for more servings. Parties are coordinated events—meal times even follow a schedule. Asking for more than what was served can disrupt the arrangements and cause additional expenses for the host.

  • Talking to someone while sitting down

It’s basic table manners to stand up when someone introduces you to another guest. Some might think of this as an old-fashioned gesture, but this is one way of showing politeness and being civil with other guests. Unless you’re physically unable to stand up, you need to get up during introductions.

  • Holding your drink in your right hand

Hold your drink using your left hand, so your other hand will be free for handshakes. No one wants to watch you wipe your hand on your dress or pants then shake it.

Even if the party is casual, you have to be on your best behaviour. Inappropriate actions will not only embarrass you, but also the host of the party.

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