Don’t Put Up with Almost Good Enough

Dental implants being held by the dentist

Dental implants being held by the dentistGetting replacement teeth does not have to be a new life of hassle and inconvenience as you cope with teeth that aren’t as good as natural ones. It used to be like that when all people had was a choice between dentures or fixed bridgework, but today’s dentistry has made replacement teeth that are like natural teeth in form and function, with dental implants in Camden.

Dental implants in Camden are the latest generation of tooth replacement, but they have already been around long enough to be tried and tested. They are available from various dentists such as Ace Dental.

What’s so different about dental implants in Camden?

The difference between dental implants in Camden and dentures and fixed bridgework is that dental implants replace not only the crown but the root too.

What’s so great about tooth roots?

The roots are what gives teeth their stability and allows them to chew through even the toughest or stickiest of foods. Without a decent anchor, replacement teeth cannot cope with foods like steaks and crunchy apples, and people can find their food choices become limited. This can lead to malnourishment as the diet is restricted.

Also, tooth roots act as transmitters that pass along signals to the jawbone that it is still in use. Vibrations from teeth coming together tell the jawbone that it is still needed and keeps bone cells in a state of renewal. No vibrations and the bone cells quickly switch from renewing to resorbing and the jawbone becomes smaller and less dense. This is a rapid process, the end result of which is a thin jaw leading to a pointy chin and a face that collapses in on itself.

Do dental implants last?

Once dental implants have integrated with the jawbone, they can last for a very long time. They just need to be well taken care of in a twice-daily cleaning routine such as natural teeth need and these replacement roots can last for decades. The crowns, which are made of dental porcelain, may need to be replaced after about 15 years because they do wear out with constant chewing.