Drop Those Keys: The Benefits of Keyless Door Technology

keyless door system

keyless door systemOne of the best ways to ensure exceptional control and security in a property is through keyless door technology. Major businesses and building owners can benefit from keyless entry devices, as it established assurance that only eligible staff members have access to certain rooms. These can also help regulate and monitor employee movement to avoid internal theft or illegal practices.

Keyless door technology unlocks doors or gates without the use of a key or any traditional lock mechanism. Many commercial buildings and residential developments now use this technology to improve security and make access control less difficult to deal with.

ASA.ie shares the other benefits of keyless door technology in the discussion that follows:

New Level of Security

Keyless entry devices help simplify security systems through the use of access cards, electronic keypads, and biometric recognition. These offer impressive electronic access control system without the inconvenience and cost of traditional entryways. These will provide your establishment a new level of security with added convenience.

Programmable System

Keyless door technology uses card access systems that are programmable, which helps heighten security and access control. You can configure the master system so that managers have access at all times, but regular employees have access only during certain times or timeframes.

Limiting Access

Other than swipe and proximity cards, electronic keypad locks are another keyless security option. These devices allow you to set codes for different employees, and to change codes to limit access in an effort to prevent unwanted users from getting in. There are also commercial electronic keypad lever combos, ideal for small businesses or home offices that need sufficient protection.

Biometric Recognition

These devices can detect voices or scan eyes and fingerprints, so no additional equipment or password information is necessary to unlock the doors. Biometric recognition offers a maximum level of security, as the access is solely dependent on an individual’s identity or features.

Upgrade your traditional door to a fully functional mechanical door that uses control access systems such as cards, electronic keypads, or biometric readers. This will surely improve the security and monitoring level of the entire premise.


  1. I am not really a fan of electronic keypads. I don’t really think that they are really that helpful. I would rather use access cards or biometric recognition.

  2. Well, I think keypads are better than access cards. There is no any other material involved in unlocking the doors, so you are assured that only the people who know the code can access certain rooms.

  3. Other than keypads and access cards, I think it is also better to have intercom systems to control doors and gates. Many modern intercom systems are linked to computer on the sites network

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