Dust: Dealing with the Bunny You Don’t Want to See

dust layers on the furnitureDust is everywhere. It’s something that you have to live with wherever you are. You carry it when you come through the door in the form of particles of soil or wood, even from your own body in the form of shed skin cells. If it’s a natural phenomenon, then what can you do?

Create a Physical Barrier

Not a fan of screens over your doors and windows? Screens can help filter dirt and dust particles that come from outside your house. If you don’t already have one, install screens over your windows and add a screen to your front door and even your back door, if you have one. You can also install screens over the exterior portions of your ventilation shafts and even your chimney.

Cover Up What You Can

Any type of fabric inside your home can contribute to the amount of dust in your space. To minimize the dirt trapped in these fabrics, consider using washable covers where possible. Pillow and mattress protectors can help fend off dust and dust mites. Use a duvet cover for your comforters. Bamboo duvet covers and pillowcases, for instance, are not only more comfortable on the skin. They’re highly resistant to wear and tear and have antibacterial properties, which make them great for sensitive skin too.

Reduce Your Clutter

Minimizing and streamlining the contents of your home also mean that you’ll have an easier time cleaning up. The fewer items you have to dust, the more energy you have to clean. Try using microfiber rags to wipe everything off or, if you don’t have one, a damp cloth will do. The moisture will help remove the dirt more easily though you may want to exercise caution in doing so since some materials and surfaces are sensitive to moisture.

The best way to figure out what you need to do to prevent dust bunnies from invading your home is to evaluate your lifestyle. Setting up a good cleaning schedule alongside with regular maintenance checks will help ensure your home stays as clean as possible.