Earth and Iron: Recreational Projects to Keep you Busy


weldingIn the daily bustle and hustle in Brisbane, one should always still find time for one’s self. That is what hobbies are for – it breaks the monotonous grind of school or work, and lets you devote time for yourself. If you love making DIY or household projects, you would know that they are an excellent source of relaxation and leisure. It can even help ease your mind if you have anxiety issues.

That said, good projects are those that trace their roots back to the more humble origins of man. Case in point: agriculture and industry. That is, working the earth, and working iron.

Here are a few good stuff to do to help reconnect you with both.


The birth of agriculture ushered great changes in the direction of human civilisation. The day man learned how to grow crops and feed himself was the day man stopped becoming a nomadic animal and started to put in roots. Pay homage to this by starting a garden, right by your house.

You can start a simple herb garden for culinary use. Or if you want something more productive and really handy, a vegetable garden. What you need is a good patch of soil, some good quality compost, and the seeds to sow. And patience. Different crops grow at different rates. Just make sure to do your research what grows best at the current time of the year. This august, cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes are good.


If ploughing soil and sowing seeds are not in your current list of interest, perhaps metalwork is. Man is characterised by their unique ability to use tools, and fashion the materials of nature to their advantage. Enjoy this quality by going back to the basics of mechanical workmanship. Pay a visit to the many local scrap metal yards in the city, and observe what they do.

If you have the materials, which you can procure from said merchants, you can build anything from a barbeque grill, to a complete playground. Says Raw Metal Corp, for welding and basic mechanical work, you can fashion iron into monkey bars, fences and even furniture. You can create a lot of things with a workbench, scrap metal, tools and a bit of ingenuity. If you’ve grown to be a good craftsman, you can even sell this for additional profit.

And there you have it. If you feel the need to create, you don’t have to look far. These two-way projects can help free you from the everyday grind of the busy city, while making you productive.