Earth Can Heal Itself Faster If All Major Industries Do Their Part

Power plants releasing wasteAll the key industries make significant contributions to the economy and progress of a nation. But then again, there is always a price to pay, and for some sectors, it is always the environment that suffers.

After conducting thorough studies, many scientists claim that one of the contributory factors in climate change is the greenhouse effect. While the main culprit was seen to be caused by cars’ exhaust fumes, part of it is caused by industries releasing gas vapors into the air. This does not mean, though, that they deliberately release gas vapors, but it can also be that it resulted from normal operations. This is where a vapor recovery process system such as Integrated Flow Solutions can be a lot of help.

What is it?

It is a system designed to recover the vapors of fuel or chemicals and prevent them from escaping into the air. In a study published on the EPA website, such vapors can potentially increase the greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere. A recovery system works by drawing off vapor emissions and processing them into another product which could also be used to generate energy. Often, such systems are installed at industrial plants, such as a petroleum refinery, to minimize noxious gases from being released into the atmosphere.

Does the law require this?

Many regions and states in the US have started to implement strict compliance on the installation of vapor recovery systems for some businesses. In California, for instance, its Air Resources Board published a Frequently Asked Questions page where concerned industries can check if they are affected. The industries listed as required to have a vapor recovery system are those that are known to emit gaseous vapors into the atmosphere.

How does it draw out vapors?

There are several types of vapor recovery systems with each one having a slightly different method of sucking out vapors and processing them. One example is the condensation system where it freezes gas streams to a condition where compounds or pollutants shrink out of the stream. Another type is the activated carbon system which uses the ability of activated carbon to catch particular molecules from gaseous compounds. Other types of recovery systems used in various industrial plants include the jet ejector and lean oil absorption.

If your business is among those known to potentially release massive amounts of gaseous vapors into the air, installing vapor recovery systems must be considered. Doing so could greatly aid in the efforts of reducing emissions that can worsen the greenhouse effect. In a way, you would be helping the planet heal itself by ensuring it does not get more harmful gases in the atmosphere.