Efficiency = Profitability: Avoid Productivity Loss On-Site

Productivity On-Site

Productivity On-Site Fluidity along the supply chain, during actual construction and in the final structure is important to stay profitable and reduce business expenses. An efficiency problem along the line causes delays and loss of productivity that causes a domino effect, which results in loss of profit and higher costs.

There are various ways to cut business costs; productivity loss in construction is different as the factors that affect it are unpredictable.

Safety Regulations

On-site accidents are always a possibility, so implementing safety procedures to reduce likelihood is necessary. Hazards that occur lead to work stoppages that incur investors additional expenses on top of potential hospital bills after an injury or possible fatality.

Preventative methods such as visible signage, clear warnings in each hazardous area of the site and barriers keep workers safe while they work.

On-Site Refuelling

Dead time within the construction site saps productivity and turns into a major setback when it happens often. Workers are left standing around and waiting for diesel to arrive before they operate their cranes, trucks or other machines. Time is money; the longer you waste it waiting for refuelling the more money you lose and the higher your expenses will be.

Machines that stop working because they ran out of fuel causes delay in construction, on-site refuelling tankers make it easier for workers to refuel and get back to work faster. There are refuellers that directly add the fuel to the machine instead of putting it in a container. Direct refuelling reduces the amount of gasoline lost in storage, maximising every drop to reduce project costs.

Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Equipment that fails to work properly because of a lack of maintenance or repair puts the project in jeopardy. Broken parts need replacing or maintenance to function efficiently and properly. Delays in replacement or maintenance work affect the entire project. Managers must keep machines in good condition once they enter the site.

Productivity is vital to the success of a construction project; little things like delay in repairs or time wasted to refuel accumulates and affects the bottom line.


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