Emergency! Is Your Towing Company Reliable?

Road Emergency

Road EmergencyWhat can be more traumatic than a car mishap in the middle of the night? No one will ever be prepared to handle this kind of stress. When this happens, it’s a good idea to ask for the help of a qualified provider of towing services. Make sure you’re entrusting your car’s safety to a trustworthy towing company. You will need to consider the following key factors in choosing:

  • Credibility

Most towing companies show their identity numbers, licenses and accreditations on their service trucks to establish their credibility and ability to attend to any kind of emergency. Hire a fully insured and licensed towing company so that when something goes wrong during the towing process, the company will be liable for the damage.

131 Tow also suggests finding companies equipped with arrow boards and beacons to alert the traffic of your car breakdown. This is one way to ensure your car’s protection.

  • Availability

A vehicle breakdown can happen whether you’re navigating one of Australia’s riskiest roads or just driving to work. Find a company that provides 24/7 service and roadside assistance. This will allow you to feel at ease knowing who to turn to when you need your car towed any time of the day.

  • Rates and Charges

When you have insurance that covers vehicle towing service, inform the towing company ahead of time so you don’t have to pay any fees. Also make sure that both parties agreed to the charges included in their service before they tow your vehicle.

This avoids extra charges that you did not agree with.  Keep in mind that a competent towing company always provides transparent pricing details.

Don’t wait for any road misfortune before you find a towing company that you can call any time. Try searching now in case you need one for an emergency.